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History On Tap Titles


Illustration/ Title Design/ Animation: Television Show

Incubator/ History Channel


History! Competition! Beer! You can finally have it all. Coming soon to the History Channel is this little show about the gigantic history of beer and the people who love to make it.


When I was brought onto the project to do the titles and graphics packaging, we threw around quite a few slick, graphic driven, ideas. In the end we decided on a more straight forward, literal interpretation.


Conceptually, we were going to travel through time in a world of fake historical beer labels. The idea, of course, started out a lot larger and was reigned in quite a bit because let's be honest, the titles don't need to be that big if there's more important stuff to share that time with.





The world of beer labels became a whirlwind survey of a few designs. Two significant changes occurred, which I actually included in the clip below. 1) the network is afraid of China so I had to remove all references to it and replace them with something 'American', even though we already had an American label and the show is about the history of international beer. 2) I was given the voice-over late in the game and it became obvious that the oldest historical reference should be last and not first. So I simply reversed it instead of reanimating it all and it worked out fine.


Check it out coming to History Channel soon. I think. Be sure to let the network know you watched it and that YOU'RE not afraid of China!