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Title Design/ Animation/ Visual FX/: Television Show

Incubator/ Discovery Channel


elcome to the third installment of Discovery Channel's 'Science of' specials. We've seen Fear and Sex Appeal, but now we're getting real hot and heavy with Lust. As always it was a relatively diverse job spanning everything from design to special effects.


The title sequence was a nice change of pace because there was actually a budget for a full live action shoot -- not having to just re-appropriating footage from different parts of the show.


On set I just tried to get a lot of interesting skin shots of a couple of actors writhing around on a bed. We had tossed around ideas of body paint and light projections, but I knew it would take way too long to experiment with that stuff on a tight schedule. Instead I came into production knowing I'd be trying to add these elements in post, mainly focusing on projected imagery, with a body paint effect for the final title.


So, yes, as you watch this, keep in mind that all of the color, light, and body paint was something I added after the fact.