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Spongebob Squarepants Budget Reel
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Illustration/ Design/ Animation: Industrial Video

Nickelodeon/ Mojo


Every year many television networks have to evaluate their budgets, and figure out where they want to put their money. For some of these networks, there is a formal time period where producers put together budget reels to promote their shows, and some of those shows are even as big as SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!


That is where I came in: to design a simple package design for the budget reel that was going to be presented to the executives of Nickelodeon. As the ideas went back and forth for the style, I personally gravitated to the iconic imagery of Spongebob, himself.



 Spongebob 3rd


The concept was simple, and pretty much revolved around creating a Spongebob illustration in vector so that I could pull it apart, move it around and, and get as close as I wanted to it. Most of the parts of Spongebob were set up to be animated, themselves, in various ways, but it was never needed. Next time, maybe, and we'll be ready to go!