The Wedding Maps

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The Wedding Maps

Design/ Animation: Industrial Video

David Gaynes


Maps, they aren't just for television anymore. I got contacted by New York independent filmmaker David Gaynes to lend some animation expertise to a very high-end wedding video that he was creating.


Yes, this is the kind of wedding video that would be played at a reception or rehearsal dinner, or put together as part of the final video that documents the ceremony and everything else. 


The gist of the segments I was to create, documented the bride-to-be's pre-marriage treks across the globe. Bouncing around from country to country requires creating maps to illustrate the destinations, and in this case, creating a globe from the map I designed.


Since the point of a video of this nature is to be entertaining, I tried to add animated visual flourishes at each destination. Snakes, Mussels, Airplanes, nuts and so on. Since there was very little time to get it all turned around, we collaged images and objects to create our living map.