This Vs. That, Episode 02

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This Vs. That, Episode 02
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This Vs That Ep 02


Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show

Hotchkiss Industries


There are many reasons I love science shows, and but one of those reasons is that I get to work on a lot of them. This new series is called This Vs. That, and compares two different concepts, technology, or ideas together and judges where the benefits may be.


Where I come in is illustrating and animating diagrams to better explain concepts that the hosts talk about. This particular episode dealt with a lot of explosions. Which were divided into two groups of diagrams.


The first diagrams were of the actual explosions themselves. We have cans of beans being heated and a propane tank exploding. Both are intended to be entertaining, so I was given free reign to add some character to the segments.


We went with a high-tech digital look in 3-D space to be versatile down the road with future episodes having god-knows-what needed to be diagramed.