BTV 2012 Show Packaging

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BTV 2012 Show Packaging

Title Design/ Animation/ Network Identity: Industrial Video

In-N-Out Burger


It's been five years, but word came down from the top that it is time for the BTV redesign to happen one more time!


The direction was simple: go black. In-N-Out is traditionally white and bright, so the only thing that is changing is that the brightness will just get brighter over the darker background.



In this case the concept decided on was all about using light, and keeping it high energy by depicting streaks of light trailing through expanses of space.




This was an unusually fast job, and then on top of that, turned out to be one of the most technically complex projects I've done in years. OY! What a schedule. Luckily it was intended to be visually simple so rounding out the show packaging wasn't too difficult once things were set up. So take a moment and check out the show open and see the new look of In-N-Out!