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In-N-Out Burger


A number of times I get pulled onto a project to provide graphics or visual effects, and I'll be put to further use. In this case it became my responsibility to create storyboards for a project for In-N-Out Burger.


As pointed out on this site in the past, In-N-Out doesn't follow convention when it comes to how they use their internal media, and in this intended team-building exercise, a group of associates participated in creating a music video.



Based off a loose conceptual outline, it was to have an old west theme, with a general damsel in distress to be saved by her gun toting sister, storyline. From there I was given carte blanche to visually tell the story, and incorporate the characters and resources that we were going to have access to.



Since this was a very tightly scheduled project, the storyboards are intentionally very crude, but as simple as they are, still make a  good example of communicating visually. Here are a small selection from the final group of boards.