Ron's Retirement Poster

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Poster Illustration: Live Event
Ron Barauskas


Every once in a while is a fun event I get to take a part in, and most recently it was the retirement party of my friend Ron.


Being eccentric is an understatement, so a party for Ron has got to be as big as his personality. It was requested that I create a caricature of him for the party, and in agreeing I also recommended we have it made into a 24x36 poster for all the guests to be greeted by.



Since his career spanned decades working as a chemist in the metal plating industry, chemical imagery was woven into a simple black and white portrait. Since I knew we'd be blowing this up to a large scale, instead of drawing it in pen and ink, I used Adobe Illustrator to create it with some good old fashioned resolution independent vector graphics.



Congratulations Ron!