Creating "Bite of the Reptile Woman"

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Bite of the Reptile Woman

Painting + Process
"Bite of the Reptile Woman"


Happy Friday the 13th! Some of you may already be familiar with my other website,, which is exclusively dedicated to my personal horror art work.


Not much of the work overlaps onto the ATOMIC ROCKET, but I thought it may be interesting to document the process of creating one of the unique 'Shadowbox' paintings.



It all begins with the idea for a movie title. From there it becomes a pen and ink doodle in a sketchbook. There is a process of translating that composition to a 24x36 canvas, which leads into the evolving acrylic painting process.



The design work is created on the computer which I have directly printed onto plexiglass. The plexiglass and original artwork is then framed together, into a shadowbox, with the design work floating over the canvas.


Here is the chronological imagery from original thumbnail sketch, to the final B-Movie inspired artwork.


For more information on this and many more of my retro-horror creations, visit today!