"Living Our Principles" Title Sequence

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Living Our Principles TitlesDesign/ Animation: Television Show

Three of Change


Collaborating again with the East Coast graphics studio, 3 of Change [ http://threeofchange.com ] I got to put my efforts into designing the graphics package for the new television series, "Living our Principles".


The content of the show focuses on how people contribute to the better welfare of those in need, across various continents of the world.


Since the show has a dominant (but not exclusive) international feel, I focused on using footage of theirs that featured exotic rural imagery. The evolution of the titles are from an initial mark made on a piece of paper, to the flourishing of color and making that initial idea a reality. In this case reality is moving film footage.


An entire graphics package was created, with maps and transitions and lower 3rds, but the title sequence sums up the look and feel of the project the best!