'An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars" Title Sequence

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American Girl Title Sequences

Title Design: Feature Film
Universal Studios/ NBC/ Mattel


One of the most top secret jobs I've ever worked on has finally come to life: the American Girl movie! Based off of the line of dolls of the same name, this project's very title was kept under wraps as it was to introduce the new doll, McKenna, to the world in "An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars"!


Other than handling the majority of Visual Effects for the film, I also designed and animated the title sequence. The sequence was intended to be straight forward, yet stylish. There is no need to try to take it someplace it doesn't need to go, so the main inspiration came from the gymnastic sequences that were shot for the film.


Using colors that would accentuate the production designer's work on the gym, I used the upbeat music track to pump the colors into a soft but confident palette. The typography would have to breathe both femininity and competitive energy, without becoming too masculine.


The largest challenge in designing the titles was actually the title logo itself. The initial title design had been boarded and approved before American Girl introduced their established logos and fonts that they used for the rest of the doll's branding. With a little back and forth and dialing in what everyone needed, the original logo was discarded and their official logo and font was integrated into the main title card as they needed.