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College Tuition ID CardDesign/ Animation: Production Card
College Tuition Productions


Short! Sweet! That is the description of any production company card. what I'm referring to are the 3 to 5 second identifier at the end of a TV show, when the credits have rolled and the show is over.


In this new addition, I wanted to go illustrated. Since it is actually a still image, it comes down to being a complete logo, no matter how complicated the imagery. To simplify things, I created everything in vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator. That way elements from it could be used for larger formats or even print.


The concept was simple enough because it literally reflected the intent behind the company: for the owner to send his kids to college with the money (eventually). With a little tweak to make the Father character look more like the owner's real father, it was finished quickly.


Some people have said they don't get what it means. I tell them I never knew what 'Sit Ubu, Sit' meant either, but it never bothered me.