"Tiki-King" Vinylmation

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7 Hells Vinylmation Tiki 01

Custom 9" Vinyl Toy


As I've been expanding my body of personal horror artwork [ www.7hells.com ], more and diverse projects are brought to me. This latest piece is my first foray into the world of custom vinyl toys.


Many collectors will value shorter runs of a particular design or even, as in this case, will pursue one of a kind custom creations that are made directly onto blank versions of vinyl molds.


This collector wanted to see how I would approach a Disney Vinylmation figure. There were no guidelines for a direction to go, so I decided to turn it into a tiki design, to stay in tune with a body of exotica work I'm working on in other mediums.


My approach was not to go abstract with it, or simply use it as a canvas for a completely unrelated 2-dimensional image. It was important to me to use the actual form of the mold to inspire the design, so in what are the shape of Mickey Mouse's ears, become the tiki idol's eyes. Mickey's eyes become the tiki's mouth. Mickey's buttons become the eyes of a second tiki.


To diversify it further, I also created custom made accessories such as an LED flame light that 'burns' in a hand constructed wooden crown, and a tiny grass skirt to separate the stacked tiki's a bit (implying that one tiki's skirt is another's fashionable haircut). The final little detail was turning Mickey's molded nose into a green gem, being held by the upper tiki. I created that with many layers of glow in the dark paint, over brush-painted 'facets' in the gem, and then sealed it with rock hard liquid crystal so that it would texturally stand apart from the rest of the tiki sculpture.


It was then re-boxed in the original packaging, with a 7 Hells sticker, and delivered to the collector as complete!