This Vs. That, Episode 5

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This Vs That Ep 5


Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show

Hotchkiss Industries


There are debates that have raged for centuries, and finally one show is going to confront one of those head on, using no bias, and just science: Dogs vs. Cats!


Of course, even anecdotally and with bias it is pretty obvious that cats are worthless on every level compared to dogs, but let's look at some of the work that was put together for the episode.


The main thing I created was a new 'yellow' diagram style that embraced the black and yellow logo packaging of the show. It was a departure form the 'blue' diagram style, decidedly intended to be more character driven and playful. Apart from the blue print look of the more technical blue diagrams.


Using simplistic geometry to create the elements, these yellow diagrams are much more fun to work with since the addition of every little nuance goes so far.