This Vs. That, Episode 9

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This Vs. That, Episode 9
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This Vs That Ep 9


Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show

Hotchkiss Industries


Some episodes of This Vs. That are a bit whimsical, and inspired by sheer curiosity of unlikely scenarios -- such as a sniper rifle vs a rocket launcher. This episode is not that. If anything, it's one of the more practical episodes of the series since the debate is timely and may or may not actually have real world impact on every day decisions we make.


What question could possibly have that much bearing on our lives? Paper vs. Plastic, of course!


This was a standard episode of maps, and humorously animated diagrams, but also with a touch of quoted text and comparative studies.


In a perfect world, all of these will entertain you as much as inform you, or else I'm not doing my job very well.