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In-N-Out Burger Bora-Bora

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As part of the ongoing list of incentives and benefits that In-N-Out Burger associates have for working with the company, the annual golden ring to reach for is becoming a member of the 100% Club.


When an associate becomes a member of the 100% Club, they go on an exotic vacation, and BTV puts together a vacation video of the trip for all the participants. In this case, I was able to contribute a title sequence to capture the majesty of Bora-bora.



Since one of my great loves is Tiki culture, the South Pacific island was a perfect inspiration to pull something together in little time.



One of the aspects of Tiki design that I like, is the concept of layers and layers of decorations and elements that make a space feel vast and visually endless. To breathe that sense into the title sequence, my approach was to create a moving collage of imagery that represented the island and it's culture (which is a peripheral influence of Tahiti).


To tie them all together, and settle on a vacation theme, the elements that are introduced in the short sequence reappear as icons on a nostalgic map that represents an animated postcard of sorts.