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In-N-Out Bora-Bora DVD Menus

Interface Design/ Animation

In-N-Out Burger


In the making of the graphics package for the Bora-bora travel video, for In-N-Out Burger, an extension of the design was used to create the menus for the DVD that it would be distributed on.


As any DVD these days, it contains chapter selections, bonus materials, and in this case, credits for the creators behind it all.


Since time is always short on these projects, there was no sense in reinventing the wheel, so incorporating the elements created for the video's title sequence was the easy first step. Using those visual concepts, the attack was to find a fitting section page to lay out the information we needed (ie; chapters, bonus videos, credits). From there it was creating fitting transitions into those pages that were visually interesting, but not different enough from the title sequence to feel repeated.


In the video example below the transitions back and forth to the main menu are all tied together, with sort pauses after each menu. As on the DVD, the background of the main menu is a seamless loop of rippling water, which of course creates a bit of a harsh cut when the transition starts. A limitation to DVD authoring, but worth the tranquil visual effect, in my opinion.