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The Truth About Sex Graphics Package
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Truth About Sex

Animation/ Design/ Illustration: Television Show
College Tuition Productions/ Playboy TV


Here is the latest television series I was asked to create the complete graphics package for: The Truth About Sex, for Playboy TV. It is sort of the mythbusters of sex. In each episode a sexual myth is confronted and using science, it is established true or not.


An interesting aspect to this project is how early I was brought in. Normally the graphics package is created in post-production when the episodes are being edited and the filming is over. On this show, though, I was able to be involved from pre-production through post, having a little bit of say and influence over the overall look and feel of the entire series.



What you will see on the following pages is just a small part of a vast 'toolbox' of elements created for the show to creatively maintain a visual continuity for the entire series.