In-N-Out Burger Anniversary DInner 2012

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In-N-Out Burger 2012 Anniversary Dinner

Title Design/ Animation: Live Event
In-N-Out Burger


As the year rolls on, we recognize anniversaries, and in this case it is the anniversary of everyone's favorite hamburger join: In-N-Out burger.


To celebrate, they put on an anniversary dinner for their associates and recognize accomplishments and all the standard fun to make the night worth while and a joy to be a part of. These days the company spans many different states, as far away as Texas, so attending is meant to be a special occasion.


For this event, I was asked to create a number of video montages that would represent a specific year -- all cut to a recorded script that would put things in perspective. The would be seven different years, in five year increments, and each would recognize the associates that started those years.


They sent me photos of the decor of the room, and a great art deco backdrop stood out. My pitch to them was to create actual moving art-deco collage posters for each year to tie directly into the design of the room. Then, to make them look more like posters, we should get crazy and make all the video VERTICAL instead of the normal horizontal aspect ratio everyone has always seen everywhere.


Well, they went for it, and here are the animated results!