'Guilt Trip' T-Shirt Design

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Guilt Trip T-shirt Design

T Shirt Design: Feature Film
Paramount Pictures/ Skydance Productions


A quick little job I did quite a few months ago finally popped up online: a t-shirt design I did for Barbara Streisand for her movie 'Guilt Trip'.


Teaming up with costume designer extraordinaire Danny Glicker, again, he needed a very simple shirt with very specific needs. What are needs? In this case it's a matter of feeling, tone, and authenticity.


A lot of my work comes for being sort of an expert in pastiche and being able to emulate design styles of the past. But not every job is recreating 1950s atomic age kitsch. In this case it was about emulating the banal and mass produced.


The desire was for a New Jersey state t-shirt. As simple as it seemed, there were days and days of iterations and back and forth with Babs, the costume designer, and myself until we finally got the t-shirt we wanted. And like many of the visual effects I'm a part of, if it was as well done as we wanted, you won't even notice the work we put into it.


And check out the trailer below for the first glimpses of the upcoming movie!