'Prince Releasing' Production Card

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Prince Releasing


Here's a short little production card ID for independent film company Prince Releasing.


The style was to encapsulate a middle eastern flavor starting with a faux arabic style logo to design. An interesting dichotomy in production company logos is that not only are they used in this extremely large format context, which entails them being projected across a 50 foot screen in a movie theater, but they are also seen very small. Most production company logos are going to end up as tiny single color images on movie posters as well. So in a nutshell, the simpler the better.


The arabic style flourishes create a nice, natural silhouette for the logo, so it was an easy decision to keep it contained to the single color of black. The rest of the production card is then a simple environment created to breathe a magical feeling into a mirage. The environment was simply created with still photos and a simple camera move to create the reveal and add some drama to the scene.