'An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky" Title Sequence

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Title Design: Feature Film
Universal Studios/ NBC/ Mattel


Here we are again! The second in a series of American Girl movies directed by Vince Marcello, I was kindly asked back to design the titles and again handle the majority of the visual effects.


The angle for the title sequence was to establish our main character as an artist and that she lives in the South West. Juxtaposing the footage of New Mexico landscapes with stylized high-speed, macro footage of drawings and pastels, my approach was to use texture to tie it all together.


The logo was designed first with some texture and tone added to it. Once approved, I establish the type and color palette based off of the style guides from Mattel and what we are going to see in the live action footage within the sequence.


Taking an initial pass over the footage, I worked with editor Paul Millspaugh to build the initial sequence. Here the character beats are established as well as the intensity structure of the landscapes being drawn. From there, things fall in place intuitively.


Using more high speed footage, I create textural explosions of pastel dust to to use as transitions. The transitions bridge a surreal connection from landscape to pastel drawing. The drawings match up perfectly with the landscapes because I was able to draw them based off of the footage we selected early on.


Apart from some various stabilization passes and a pretty damn seamless rotoscoping and coloring job to make it look like Saige is actually drawing on top of one of the drawings I created months later, the credits are then timed and placed, and it is a wrap!