'Avengers Assemble' Title Sequence

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Avengers Assemble Title Sequences

Title Design:Television Show
Product Factory/ Marvel/ Disney


Rippling in the success of the Marvel movies, and especially the Avengers, Disney has launched a new animated TV series bringing all those heroes together again: Avengers Assemble.


This short and sweet title sequence was a final pass at what already included great proposed concepts by other designers, but who had far more pressing responsibilities than to keep going back to the drawing board again and again.


The idea was to bring a new set of eyes to the project just so the decision makers could see something new, and this is what was finally approved.



The logo had already been designed, as makes sense for such a cornerstone property. From there the main note from the EP was to create rings of electrons surrounding the Letter A as it builds on the screen.


My concept then was to take each electron, colored to represent each member of the team and have them build the word 'Avengers', letter by letter. The rest of the logo would be built in a more masculine, mechanical style. The semi-circle rotating and locking into place. The 'Assemble' sliding in from out of the shadows.


Adding the light and energy effects, as well as some particle movement helps create a bold but simple logo for the worlds most important super hero team!