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'Guilt Trip' T-Shirt Design

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November 29, 2012

Guilt Trip T-shirt Design

T Shirt Design: Feature Film
Paramount Pictures/ Skydance Productions


A quick little job I did quite a few months ago finally popped up online: a t-shirt design I did for Barbara Streisand for her movie 'Guilt Trip'.


Teaming up with costume designer extraordinaire Danny Glicker, again, he needed a very simple shirt with very specific needs. What are needs? In this case it's a matter of feeling, tone, and authenticity.


A lot of my work comes for being sort of an expert in pastiche and being able to emulate design styles of the past. But not every job is recreating 1950s atomic age kitsch. In this case it was about emulating the banal and mass produced.


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Club 48 Music Video Storyboards

Galleries - Production Design

February 24, 2012

Club 48 Storyboards

Story Board Illustration: Industrial Video
In-N-Out Burger


A number of times I get pulled onto a project to provide graphics or visual effects, and I'll be put to further use. In this case it became my responsibility to create storyboards for a project for In-N-Out Burger.


As pointed out on this site in the past, In-N-Out doesn't follow convention when it comes to how they use their internal media, and in this intended team-building exercise, a group of associates participated in creating a music video.



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'Through the Wormhole' Storyboards

Galleries - Production Design

June 03, 2010

Wormhole Storyboards

Story Board Illustration: Television Show

Incubator/ Revelations/ Science Channel


A new Science Channel miniseries is coming out soon called, "Through The Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman". Similar to the 1980 miniseries 'Cosmos', hosted by the inspirational astronomer Carl Sagan, each episode investigates the scientific mysteries of the Universe.


It is presented as a personal journey of Morgan Freeman's, which includes reenacted tales from his childhood. In the process of ironing out the style of the show as it was being assembled, the production company had me come in and draw storyboards for the first two reenactments so the editors and directors could experiment with the boards as footage before they went out to shoot.


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No On 8 'Milk' Premier Buttons

Galleries - Production Design

October 29, 2008

No On 8 Milk

Button Design: Event

Milk/ Groundswell Productions/ Focus Features


The political buzz around town here in West Hollywood is all about Proposition 8. Prop 8 is the bigoted ballot initiative that would remove the current California State Constitutional Right that allows same-sex marriage.


So it seems a proper fit to draw connections between the battle against the proposition and the opening of the Gus Van Sant bio pic on America's favorite gay rights advocate, 'Milk'.


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'Milk' T-shirt Designs

Galleries - Production Design

March 07, 2008

Milk Movie

T Shirt Design: Feature Film

Groundswell Productions/ Focus Features


Going to art school, the documentary 'The Times of Harvey Milk', was our Citizen Kane. Maybe not studied for craft, but for content, structure, and relevance.


So when I got the call from Danny Glicker, Costume Designer extraordinaire, to help him fill some gaps in his wardrobe for the new Gus Van Sant directing Sean Penn starring movie, I jumped at the chance.


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'True Blood' T-shirt Design

Galleries - Production Design

October 04, 2007

True Blood Shirt

T Shirt Design: Television Show



Alan Ball has a new TV show coming to HBO starring Anna Paquin. It's called 'True Blood', and is based off the line of vampire novels called: "Southern Vampire Mysteriesz' by Charlaine Harris.


The great twist to it, apparently, is that the main vampires seem to be white trash. Living in the south, out in the open among humans.


I know what you are thinking: DUDE, let's see some vamps in some HEAVY METAL shirts! Well your wish is my command.


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Zombie Prom Design

Galleries - Production Design

October 22, 2004

Zombie Prom Production Design


Production Design/ Poster Design/ Illustration: Short Film

Zombie Prom


Zombies! Music! Dancing! Based off the off-Broadway musical from the 80s, this short film was an epic undertaking.


My involvement in the project started very early. Originally I met with the writer/director Vince Marcello and one of his producers just as an artistic consultant. Style and tone stuff. There were plans on getting a real production designer and art department, so I was just there to help organize the ideas they already had and how to apply them so they looked authentic to the 1950s.


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BTV 2003 WWYD? Set

Galleries - Production Design

December 18, 2002

BTV 2003 WWYD? Set

Title Design/ Production Design/ Miniature Construction: Industrial Video

In-N-Out Burger


As part of the redesign of the Burger Television packaging, What Would You Do?, the BTV Game Show, went real world for 2003. We had an idea to make a classic game show set, so instead of trying to generate it on a computer, I sat down and created a hand made model to shoot.


It was put together in only a couple of days. I came up with a logo for the sign and a color scheme for the set. A crude illustration of the set was thrown together in the computer, and off I was to the craft store.


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