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Ron's Retirement Poster

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March 24, 2012

Bombshelter Films Logo

Poster Illustration: Live Event
Ron Barauskas


Every once in a while is a fun event I get to take a part in, and most recently it was the retirement party of my friend Ron.


Being eccentric is an understatement, so a party for Ron has got to be as big as his personality. It was requested that I create a caricature of him for the party, and in agreeing I also recommended we have it made into a 24x36 poster for all the guests to be greeted by.



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Bombshelter Films Logo Design

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November 18, 2010

Bombshelter Films Logo

Logo Design/ Identity

Bombshelter Films


The Austin Texas based filmmaker, Mike Saenz, brought me on board to help create a logo and visual identity for his production company, Bombshelter Films [ www.bombshelterfilms.com ].


The direction he came to me with was a sort of old or vintage looking logo that would be influenced by military and propaganda posters from around WWII. The first couple attempts leaned more towards a Russian Constructivist style, which was probably a bit too much.


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'It's All About Balance' Book

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January 10, 2008

It's All About Balance Book

Art Direction/ Illustration/ Design   

Enterprise for Education


I've worked a lot in the medical and education industries so it was a good fit when I got contacted by Enterprise for Education, to work on a project educating kids about diabetes.


Originally I was contacted to animate segments for additional video content that would be included as teaching materials. As we progressed in developing the style and integration of the animated materials, my role was broadened into spearheading the design and visual direction of the 5 book series.


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Surgery Saved My Life Poster

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December 28, 2007

Surgery Saved My Life Poster

Design: Movie/ Television Poster

Incubator/ 20th Century Fox/ Discovery Channel


Apart from some pick-up graphics work that I did for the Discovery television show, 'Surgery Saved My Life', I was also hired to design a movie poster for the series.


It was a large scale, foam mounted poster for the production offices. The idea that they wanted to hone in on was to do a photo-mosaic of some of the individual characters from the various episodes, using frames from their own episodes.


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Rick's Big Book of Skeletors

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September 17, 2006

Skeletor Book


Rick's Birthday


Rick loves Skeletor.


Rick loves Skeletor almost as much as he loves his cinder-block brained cat, Puffy.


Everyone who has known Rick for any length of time knows this about him, and because he went to art school, he has a collection of Skeletor Illustrations that people have given him.


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August 22, 2006


Illustration/ Print + T-shirt Designs



Back when I was a skater kid, before I grew and became too tall to be on wheels, I wanted to make STICKERS! That was the way you customized your board and everything else you owned in high school.


Well, I sat down and made a ton of horrific illustrations: werewolves perched on city rooftops, faces stretched on racks of hooks, skulls and all sorts of other strange shit. 


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Eye to Eye Promo Cards

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January 29, 2005

Eye to Eye

Design: Promotional Cards

Redeeming Features Entertainment


Getting a feature film up and running takes almost as much work as making the film. And actually, sometimes more.


For this project I was asked to put together a promotional card that would emulate a movie poster for a film that hadn't been made yet. At the time, Malcolm McDowell and John Diehl were attached to the script, and the filmmakers were taking it from there to get the interest they needed to make the rest a reality.


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BTV 2004 DVD Package Design

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January 22, 2004

BTV 2004 Package Design

Illustration/ Design: DVD/VHS Cases

In-N-Out Burger


In process to create In-N-Out Burger's BTV 2004 show packaging, we had decided to go in the direction of a 1950s style comic book. Since we needed elements to animate for the titles and show packaging, I decided to draw the elements myself.


The intention was to have a wide variety of elements, and since that much time was going to go into creating drawings, it seemed logical to repurpose them for something else, so I decided that this year I'd make a unique DVD cover for each month, like issues of a comic book.


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Under the Hood Business Cards

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August 15, 2003

Under The Hood

Design/ Illustration: Stationary/ Business Cards

Under the Hood


When producer Sarah Skibitzke [ IMDB ] delved into the world of classic cars, trying to obtain them while producing my own film, The Search for Runaround Sue, she became instantly obsessed with the culture.


As time went by, she realized that all the connections she'd made were not just professional, but personal as well. And so she decided to investigate the lives of some of the people she met by making a documentary film.


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Runaround Sue Posters

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April 19, 2002

Runaround Sue Posters

Design: Promotional Posters/ Postcards

The Search for Runaround Sue


To help get the word out and help promote my new short film, The Search for Runaround Sue, I finally got around to designing some posters and postcards.


The film takes place in 1962, and is an homage to the old pulp JV novels of the time. Also, as part of it's pastiche, it was filmed to look like it was actually made in 1962, so it was always my intention to make all the promotional materials in the same vein.



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